Because the Tampa video production is such a competitive industry to be a part of, it is easy to jump the gun when a client asks if we can do a project. So many video producers say yes to a client without first taking a look into what the project wants to achieve in the future. As a result, the end product may not be what the client expects, and the video producer will be forced to spend more time on it than necessary.

Here are the four goals of that first consultation meeting with a client:

Gauge the Chemistry With a Potential Client

That first meeting will tell you whether you’ll get along with the client well in the future. If the meeting gave you a bad feeling about the project already, you may want to decline it. There will be many projects in the future, and you can focus on one of those. But being in a toxic client relationship will not be good for you or the business. Make sure that your client is someone you can work and deal with.

Investigate the Possible Working Conditions

Ask the client who will be involved in the project and what their roles will be. This will give you a pretty good idea of what kind of working conditions are waiting for you. Will you be micromanaged by someone? Will you be free to work on your own or will someone be hovering over you? Who will you need to consult for any questions regarding the project? You must know what kind of work environment you will be a part of while the project is ongoing.

Estimate the Scope of the Project

During the meeting, you can estimate what you will be doing for the project. You will have a good idea what the client expects from you and whether or not you can deliver. Is it too over the top? Is the client asking for too much? This will also tell you how much the project will be worth and how much you should charge for it.

Inform the Client About the Process of the Project

Finally, you will have to do this for the client—explain in detail how the project is going to be completed. Discuss what process you undertake when you make a Tampa video production. If there are any questions raised about the process, answer these truthfully. The client must air all concerns beforehand.