Onboarding new hires typically last around three months. That’s the time they need to get to know their office and work better. After three months, new employees are usually evaluated for their capacity to adjust to the new workplace and the knowledge of their role in the company. These three months are enough for them to learn and retain all the relevant information they can about their roles. Right now, as companies are operating from homes, onboarding is dependent on Tampa video production. The right corporate video will set up a new employee for success.

The First Day

The first type of onboarding video is the first-day need-to-know rules and policies. This will take the new hires through a journey of how to access and use company technology. It will also introduce new employees to the present employees. The video will discuss essential company policies that will help the new hires adjust to this new life.

It will also set goals for the onboarding process. What should they know after they have been onboarded? The video should have position-specific information on the role of the new hires in the company.

The First 30 Days

During the first 30 days, the new hires should learn about accessing employee benefits such as insurance, paid leaves, and many more. Here, they will learn how to expand their skills to accommodate more of their responsibilities in the office. It will also take a look at the challenges they might be facing as they navigate their way in this entirely new space for them.

60 Days In

The new employees have been with you for two months. It is time to celebrate that as an accomplishment. The video should congratulate them on achieving the feat, but it should also remind them that more work needs to be done as they near their evaluation in a month. After the first 60 days, the new hires are more at home in the workplace. They can navigate the systems pretty well.

90 Days

Finally, the day has come for the new hires’ evaluation. The Tampa video production should be engaging enough to test the skills of the new employees. They should be able to apply their new knowledge and gained skills. After three months with the same company, you are bound to perfectly follow the policies and navigate your way through the myriad of systems and rules. At this point, employees will be evaluated based on their learnings the for past few months.