It is easy to say yes to everyone who wants to avail of your Tampa video production service. You can squeeze them in your busy schedule, sure. You’ll just lose sleep and a chance to bond with your family and friends. But honestly, opportunities knock only once (or twice if you’re lucky), so you have to take the chance, right?

We won’t fault you for wanting to make a profit, but you should choose your clients carefully. Here are the five questions to ask any potential client:

What is the Purpose of the Video?

Is the video going to be used for commercial purposes? It is for archival purposes? Will it be used to promote an item or a service? As the producer of the video, it is important to understand what the client is aiming for. That will give the video producer a good idea of how the video should be made and what kind of storytelling will get the message across to the audience.

What Problems Are You Facing?

Most clients want a Tampa video production to solve a problem for their business. If they want their business to appeal to more clients, they likely have an issue with their market that needed to be addressed. As the video producer, that’s what you need to know. What kind of answers are they searching for?

Who Are the Decision-makers?

You are going to be working with the business owner or at least, the manager of the office or the store. You have to know who you are working with and who will have the final say about the video. Is there an existing marketing department? Maybe there’s someone there who was specifically tasked to oversee the project. Who will you need to consult? The owner, the manager, the marketing head, or the specific person who’s leading the project?

How Much Is Your Budget?

Budget, unfortunately, has always been the breaking point in any negotiation. If the two parties did not meet halfway about how much the project will cost, the whole negotiation process will break down. Ask this question the first time you meet the client. If the client cannot afford your services, you can either offer a more affordable package or let go of the project altogether.

What Kind of Output Are You Expecting?

Every client has a picture of what he deems the Tampa video production should look like. You must know all about these expectations because these will also determine the reception of your client to your output. You could also explain the process of video production clearer, so they will understand that their expectations may be too much.