There are so many different types of videos you can make for your business. A Tampa video production can bring your business to new heights. It will reach people that you never thought would be possible to reach. The possibilities are endless. Whether it’s an explainer video, a testimonial video, or case studies, you’ll expand your market and raise brand awareness.

Explainer Videos

This type of video will introduce your products to your customers. It will educate the buyers about your products and why these are important to their lives. How will the products benefit them? This video will generate lead and nurture the interest of prospective buyers. These videos are typically made for complex products to explain how they can benefit the buyers. This is a look into how a product can solve a problem.

How-to Videos

This is probably the most popular type of Tampa video production. From explaining why the product is important, you can now tell buyers how to use the product. This video is for customers who are already in the cusp of buying a product or service. It specifically shows buyers the step-by-step instructions on how to use a particular product.

Teaser Videos

This kind of Tampa video production is designed to promote hype about a business or product. It could be a 10-second video that shows parts of a product without fulling showing it in its entirety. It increases brand awareness and traffic to your blog. The more you tease buyers about a product, the more they will research it. They will troop to your website thinking they can get a better glimpse of it. They would want to learn more about it, so they’ll see what they can find on your site.

Thought Leadership Videos

When you are an expert on something, wouldn’t you want to share your knowledge with others? These videos show leadership and authority. They show that you are the best source of information regarding a specific product or service. What you intend to do in these videos is to connect on a personal level. It’s a deeper connection than simply writing a blog post about the topic.


Webinars are digital events. You can launch a product or a business through a webinar. This type of Tampa video production is widely used today because people are being asked to practice physical distancing. Most webinars talk about topics related to the industry their business is in. It generates leads and improves your email list.