In the grand scheme of things, it is very easy to overlook the audio part of your Tampa video production, especially if the dialogue is not a heavy part of the video. After all, you’re going to want to focus on the parts of the production that people can see, which means paying more attention to the video aspect of it, including any visual effects and color corrections.

Meanwhile, it’s easy enough to slap on a backing audio track on your video and call it a day, right? However, choosing the music for your Tampa video production is trickier than one would think, especially when the legal stuff gets involved. Here is a guide to music licensing for your video production.

Be wary of choosing songs by popular or commercial artists

When people choose an audio backing track for their video production, many of them have the initial instinct of choosing a song that has been playing heavily on the radio all summer. After all, if you really want your video to connect with people, shouldn’t you be choosing music that everyone is familiar with?

With this kind of logic, it makes perfect sense why the next Top 40 hit should be featured on your own video production. However, be careful if you do this.

If you want to use hits like this for your use, you’re going to need to purchase a public performance license, which can be very expensive and cannot be used in commercial settings like your video because these types of licenses are intended for radio play only.

Take free music with a grain of salt

Okay, so if the previous option is too expensive, then it makes sense to go the other end of the spectrum and look for free music, right? After all, it’s the internet, there’s bound of the lots of free music that you can use. However, be wary of these as well. Usually, free music options are lower quality than you would want for your own video and can hurt the overall quality of your video.

Look into purchasing a license for royalty-free music

The best option for you is to look into royalty-free music and purchase a license so that you can use this however way you want to in your Tampa video production. This is a good balance between quality and budget that won’t hurt the overall impact of your video and still does a great job of enhancing the final effect of it.