There’s just nothing like being able to accomplish something on your own. And as a filmmaker, there’s always the possibility of having to do a lot of tasks- if not all of them, all by yourself. From brainstorming all the brilliant ideas you might have down to editing all the raw footage you’ve taken, filmmaking on your own can be quite the herculean task. Of course, filming a Tampa video production is no easy feat.

As freeing as it may be to do everything yourself, it can also be very stressful. After all, you really are in charge of everything! Choosing which equipment should be used, the perfect location, the right music, those are just some of the responsibilities that you’ll have to take.

With all of this in mind, it’s possible (and let’s face it, quite inevitable) for you to experience stress. While this may motivate you to work harder, it can also hinder you from producing your best creation yet as you become too busy worrying over a lot of details.

So how do you do it? How do you handle solo filmmaking and Tampa video production and experience the least stress possible? To find out more, read the list below:

Bring out your inner scout

Always be prepared for anything and everything! This of course also applies to filmmaking. Before you go to your filming location, you have to ask yourself: Do you have the cameras with you? Are there extra batteries? What about the tripod? Have you remembered to bring the storyboards? Do you have everything you need? You should make sure to double-check everything so that you’ll experience less stress when you’re filming on location.

Properly stored, properly labeled

Okay, so you’ve double-checked and you’re sure that you’ve brought everything along with you. The problem now is that with all of these similar-looking containers and bags, which of them contains that one filming equipment you currently need for your next shot? This is why you would also need to store everything in their proper containers and have them labeled. You might be thinking, isn’t that a bit much? Sure, but it also takes off time you’d probably spend trying to figure out which bag holds the extra battery you’re sure you’ve brought.

Time to set up or shut up

So the location you’ve selected for your Tampa video production is known for how foggy it gets in the morning and you wish to record a timelapse footage of it being blanketed by fog. When you’re planning to film something you know will only be available for a limited amount of time, it’s best to prepare your gear in advance.

This way, you capture all the important moments and not miss anything. Just set up your camera on your tripod, in your car, on the way to your location. Once you’ve arrived, you can immediately start filming. Be warned, however, that this might not be always practical, since you’re already setting up inside your car, and it might not have the room needed.