Could you have predicted what would happen last year? Even if you look into your crystal ball, you wouldn’t have seen how catastrophic last year would be. That means that even your marketing budget isn’t ready for the kind of Tampa video production your company needs right now. From the equipment to the extra actors on set to the safety precautions, your budget is a little off these days.

So, how do you accommodate these new demands in the industry while also minding how much you’re spending? First, you need to identify the changes that will impact your bottom line.

Number and Complexity of Shoots

How many video productions are you going to make this year? How many campaigns do you plan to shoot? Do all of them need marketing videos or can some be done through blogs and press releases? The marketing budget depends on how complex these shoots are. Where are they going to be shot? How complicated will the storylines be? Since you are on a tight budget, you may want to keep your stories pretty basic, so you won’t need any complicated equipment and props.

Extra Equipment

Speaking of equipment, you may have to provide extra units to your remote team. If you’re shooting a video remotely, everyone should have access to a digital camera at the least. Aside from that, they need the right software to edit the videos or enough storage capacity to store and save them for future use. They might need a green screen, too, as well as some noise-canceling microphones and headphones.

Remote Shoot or In-studio

How are you going to shoot the video? Is it going to be a remote shoot or an in-studio shoot? Remember that there must be safety protocols in place if you are going to shoot in the studio. For some, that means having the COVID-19 tests before anyone is allowed to enter the studio. That ensures the safety of all members of the team. The government has already started its vaccination program, so you can look into everyone getting the vaccines first before shooting in the studio.

Hiring Extra Talents

Finally, you may need to hire extra talents for your Tampa video production. Whether you’re doing it in-studio or remotely, you may need to partner with some actors and influencers for it. Are you sure you have the budget for this? Before you start looking into some personalities, ask about their demands and assess if these demands are something that you can meet.