Video content is highly sought after by both businesses and customers alike. At the rate that it’s going, the Tampa video production is going to be one of the most popular industries to work for in a few years. Because of its range of use, plenty of businesses are looking to hire video production teams to handle their video content needs.

However, some of them are considering creating their own video production teams so that they can focus their video content creation efforts in-house. With all of the options available to you, how do you decide between an in-house and outsourcing your Tampa video production needs? Read on here to help you make your decision.


One of the main reasons why people think about creating their own in-house production team to create their video content for their businesses is that it seems like the cheaper option compared to hiring a video production team, which can get quite costly.

However, keep in mind that the initial investment of forming your own video production team can be quite costly. There is more to creating a video than having a decent camera.

You have to invest in various types of professional equipment, including lenses, light, and grips, which are just some of the basics needed to create a professional-grade video for your needs. If you only need a few videos made once in a while, then investing in a professional video production company is the more cost-effective option


A lot of business owners tend to downplay the requirements of a video production project. Not only does a professional video production team require professional equipment to get done, but you also need the right manpower for the job.

You cannot get away with just a single person holding a camera to get a good video, you need to have a full team to handle the entire video, from shooting to the editing. Make sure that you have the resources to have a full team, otherwise, you may be better off hiring a professional video production team.

Skill and experience

Finally, the key difference between hiring a professional Tampa video production team and creating an in-house team is the different levels of skill and experience between the two. A professional production team has the professional and skill that you need to create a video that will help you achieve your business’ goals, and all of that will be at your disposal.

An in-house team does not have that level of professional skill and expertise, unless you recruit an actual video production professional, in which case, you’re better off hiring a professional team instead.