You already know about the importance of short and engaging videos, as well as native uploads, closed captions, and live-action and animation. But do you know how important branding is in Tampa video production? Do you know that your video marketing strategy will come to nothing if you don’t combine it with the advantages of your social channels? With tougher competition on social media and the internet, you need to harness the power of your social channels to reach your goals.

Branding Through Color Palette

Make your videos and website cohesive by using the same color palette. The colors on your website should be the same ones you use on your video. Use also the same sceneries, fonts, and characters in your videos. Such cohesiveness will highlight your brand no matter where platform you post your video. In your customers’ minds, they can already see your brand’s colors. They are going to look for these same colors when they watch a video about your company.

Use the Same CTA

What call-to-action button are you using on your website? This should be the same CTA on your video and pop-up ads and any marketing campaigns that you can think of. You should also put the same logo and tag line in your Tampa video production. However, make sure that these are not intrusive. If they become so overwhelming in the video, the viewers will get too distracted that they won’t even want to finish watching the video.

Design Custom Thumbnails

Do you know that those small thumbnails on the side of your videos could be the reason why web users click on the link? These thumbnails have to blend the aesthetics of your video and social media channels. They provide a coherent and distinctive style; so much so that when web visitors look at the thumbnails, they’ll have a pretty good idea of what they can expect when they click on the link.

Set Up a Profile Picture and Banner

YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook allow users to upload a profile picture and banner. These, too, should have the same colors, patterns, and style as your brand. When web users see these, they should remember your brand. The message should be loud and clear to them that these social media channels and your brand are the same.

Remember that it’s not enough to create a great Tampa video production. You should also make this visible on your social media channels. You have to find a way to distribute these to your audience.