How does backlinking work? A backlink is a link from another website that directs to your web page. It is comparable to a citation in your research paper. Can you still remember writing a research paper? Didn’t you cite journals, newspapers, magazines, books, and other research papers? That’s essentially what backlinking is, and it’s even more effective with a Tampa video production.

The thing about backlinking is that it should be consistent. Your website should consistently receive backlinks for Google to recognize it as an authority website. In the past, this is a major factor in the ranking of a site. But as of late, many websites discovered a way to get around it—write some blog posts for another website and link them back to your site. That’s why Google and other major search engines are now extra careful in giving more points to websites that do backlinking.

How Tampa Video Production Affects This

The more your web page gets shares, the more likely that websites will link back to it. Assuming that you will build the backlinks organically (meaning, not getting into cahoots with other websites to backlink to your web page), you need interesting and creative ideas to persuade your web visitors to share your web page. That then increases the likelihood of other bloggers and news sites linking back to your web page.

The presence of a Tampa video production increases these chances. Google and other search engines love videos. They rank pages with videos higher than those that do not have video content. And that’s why when bloggers and news producers are looking for web pages to link back to on Google, your web page will most likely appear on the first-page search results.

People also love sharing video content on their social media feed. That gets more views for your videos, which then leads Google to believe in its relevance to the topic to which it is anchored to.

If you haven’t been paying attention to social media marketing and how to rank pages on search engines, you should know that Tampa video production plays a big role in it. Work on your backlinking skills. Create content that will attract other websites to link back to your page. Show search engines how relevant your content is. Never before has this been more important as today when there is tough competition on the internet over who gets the top spot on Google’s search results.