For a Tampa video production professional, a live event can be a combination of terrifying and exciting. The reason why a live event can be terrifying is the fact that anything can happen throughout the duration of the live event, which can affect the final video. However, that unpredictability is also an opportunity ripe for experimentation. Read on to learn more about four different types of Tampa video production that you can try out for your next event.

Teaser trailers and videos

When it comes to live events, your main goal will always be to boost attendance. As a video production professional, you can take advantage of that need by putting out teaser trailers and videos about the upcoming event. A good teaser trailer can generate a lot of buzz about the upcoming event, which can do a lot for attendance rates.

FAQ videos

Some people are naturally nervous about attending a live event for the first time, so to help assuage those fears, which can also help boost attendance rates, you can come up with FAQ videos to help address any commonly asked questions that attendees may have about your event. When a potential attendee sees these, they will be more confident about the idea of attending your event, since their concern has already been addressed.

Event coverage videos

Of course, with all of this buildup, you’re going to need to figure out the best way to cover the actual event itself. As mentioned before, some video production professionals tend to be nervous about covering a live event because of a lot of unpredictable factors that may interrupt the success of the final video.

However, live event coverage can generate a lot of online interest, and give those who were unable to attend the opportunity to be there in real-time, even if it’s online. You can live stream the event on social media, or take video snapshots of notable activities within the event and post it in real-time on your social media.

Event recap videos

With such a successful event past you, you’re going to want to ride the high of that success. A good way to do this is by using your Tampa video production to come up with event recap videos that condense the event’s activities into short, fun videos that allow audiences to look back on what happened during the event. These can be used as great marketing content for your next event as well.