A film is basically a direct result of various choices and multiple decisions made by the people behind it. Thanks to these individuals in charge, we’re able to witness stories of diverse genres, each capable of generating feelings of happiness, melancholy, terror, and everything else in between on the big screen. With all the different types of videos that you’re constantly being exposed to, do you ever wonder how it was made? Or have you asked yourself: Who was responsible for making this Tampa video production? Was all of this created by one, single person? Or was this done by a group?

Actually, videos are usually created by a group of people. Each one of them has various responsibilities, and once their skills are applied and combined- voila! A movie is made!

So if you’re wondering who these Tampa video production individuals are, check out the list below:


The director’s responsible for running the show and constructing the film altogether. Now, what this means is that they work and supervise at the film production itself.

This would include them giving directions on how the film is supposed to be shot by the cameraman, and even direct the actors on set on how to express their emotions and lines to each other. And while they may play a huge role in the production, they also rely on the other people responsible for making a film. This includes the-


Just like a manager, the producer is in charge of managing the production right from the start and down to the very end. They’re also responsible for developing the initial idea for the film and that the script has been completed and good to go. And if that’s not enough, they also arrange the budget needed and ensures that everyone in the cast and crew is working on a schedule. With all these responsibilities being handled by the producer, the story will now be given more focus by the-


Without the essential role of the screenwriter, no script would be made. And without a script, there would be no video. You probably think they’re just there to write the dialogue down. You see, that’s only part of it. They also provide answers to your basic film questions: who, what, when, where, and why.

Thanks to them, the director (and the audience) would know what’s happening, who says what, where they say it, and when. The why can sometimes be optional, depending on the screenwriter. They could also describe how the characters would look, which would be further explored by the-

Costume Designer

If the Tampa video production happens to be set at a certain time period, the costume designer’s responsibility is to find the appropriate set of clothes for the characters. Aside from that, they’re also in charge of letting the audience know the characters’ occupation, economic status, and their personalities through the clothes they wear. Through these costumes, the audience can further identify the characters visually and see what sets them apart from each other.