Who said video content needs to be short? A thirty-second video? Isn’t that a commercial? A one-minute video? Again, an advertisement usually found on television and in between YouTube videos. You can create a long-form Tampa video production that will be as effective in selling products and services. Far too many times, video producers are adamant that only short-length videos can sell a business. That’s not always the case.

Many online users have a short attention span. That’s a given. That’s why websites strive to get their web pages to load in under three seconds. That’s how impatient web users are. However, it’s also important to note that once you have taken hold of their interest, a long-form video can actually take them on a journey of your brand. In fact, most people are willing to watch three to five minutes of a brand film as long as the video captures their imagination.

Two of the most prolific brands to use this type of Tampa video production are Patagonia and Mercedes-Benz. For Patagonia, the video usually focuses on the journey of a person in the great outdoors. Whether it’s climbing a mountain or learning how to ski, the brand often reflects tenacity and willpower. It also tries to focus the light on its environmental advocacy

For Mercedes-Benz, the message is one of luxury, comfort, and adventure. How about a brand film showing what’s it like to go on a road trip in a Mercedes? That’s a tried-and-tested formula that Mercedes has used again and again in their brand films.

But before you go and produce a three-minute video about your brand, figure out if this is the kind that you should invest in. Again, as always in marketing and advertising, you need to know who your audience is going to be. You have to be sure that this is something that they would want to watch and spent their time on. Use the video in a way that will encapsulate the brand’s core values, as well as attract dedicated followers.

Not many companies and organizations can successfully launch a brand film. It takes a special kind of Tampa video production company to produce a brand film that will send the right message that targets the right audience. Skills alone will not be enough to encapsulate a brand’s story. The videographer should also have a deeper understanding of what the brand stands for and what’s it about.