While you can employ the expertise of professionals to make a Tampa video production for your students, there are also tools that will help you come up with the perfect video for your class. There is a variety of software and programs you can choose from. Some are free to download. Others will need a premium payment. But almost all of them have the same features—the ability to record, edit, and share—save for some with some few extra features that will make your video a cut above the rest.

Here are the features that your video tools must have before you consider using them to create a classroom video:


You will want the option to have the video recorded directly by your laptop or uploaded from your smartphone and digital camera. Importing the videos from your files is also important. You must also look for a program that allows screen recording.


The edit feature of the tool should allow you to cut, trim, and crop videos. You must also be able to annotate the video clips with the addition of text, emojis, callouts, shapes, links, and many more. It must also have an option for beginning and end cards, so you can have a simple introduction in the video.


Post-sales support is an important feature of any video editing tool. Does it send a weekly tip on how to use the tool more efficiently? Does it have a post-sales team to answer your questions no matter the time of the day? Also, the program should support your browser and laptop. If the requirements are too high, your laptop might not be able to handle the program.


You’d want your files to be password protected. Make sure the tool has an option for that. Otherwise, make sure you’re the only one using the computer or if not, that your account is password protected at least. Grant only access to people you trust to see the videos.

Guest Recording

Other tools have an option for guest recording. This is when you will send a link to another teacher or student for them to record a video without needing to sign up. Then, they will send the link back to you so you can watch the video.


Real-time analytics will show you how many students have watched the videos and how these are performing on the different channels where they are uploaded. It’ll give you a sense of accomplishment to see the videos performing well on various platforms.


Finally, teachers and students who have a link to the videos should be able to add comments and suggestions. This will make Tampa video production a much more efficient tool for students and teachers.