Anybody who has worked on a Tampa video production project can tell you about the different important factors that contribute to the success of the video as a whole. No matter how big or small, each and every single element is needed to help a video succeed.

Whether you’re working in pre-production as a logistics planner, or a camera person during filming, each and every role in the production is important.

One of the most important factors that contribute to the success of a Tampa video production is the audio and sound for the video, but it can be tricky to get right because of the high potential for the recording to get interrupted by factors that are out of your control. To help you get the audio that you need, here are some audio-recording tips.

Communicate during recording

There are plenty of people involved during a single recording session. A simple way to help make sure that you get the audio that you need is by maximizing basic communication.

It can seem like everything is going well during the recording, but you can play it back to find out that it’s not up to par with your expectations. It is especially disheartening if someone actually noticed it but decided not to say anything because they were afraid to speak up.

Because of how sensitive of a process this can be, it’s crucial that the importance of simple communication is stressed throughout the production.

Take environmental factors into consideration

There is a lot of noise that goes on in the background, no matter where you film. Even if you don’t notice it yourself, this is something that your gear will definitely pick up on.

Even if you’re filming indoors, there are plenty of sources of noise that your ears actively filter out, which is why you don’t notice it, but it will affect the quality of your audio. Because of this, you have to make sure to look at the location ahead of time to determine if there are any factors that can affect the outcome of your audio recording, and take the needed steps to deal with these.

Understand the different microphones typically used in audio recording and use them to their best ability

When it comes to recording audio for your Tampa video production, you should learn that there are different kinds, and each one has its own benefits to the recording process. It’s very important that you take the time to learn about the different microphone types so that you can determine which ones are best used for your audio recording needs.