We all know that it is very hard to promote your business using traditional media because we need money to do so. Advertisements on TV and newspaper cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, the internet has given us a way to promote our businesses without needing too much money. All we need is an account on Facebook and Instagram and a Tampa video production to attract customers to our business.

But how exactly do we use these videos to promote a business? There are two ways you can go about it: one is to upload it on the website, and another is to share it on social media.

On Websites

If you’re going to choose to upload a video on your website, you need to make sure that it is SEO focused. This means that the meta title of the video, the meta description, the caption, and the main title should have the appropriate keywords that will rank it high on search engines such as Google and Bing. Yes, it is not enough to create an amazing video. It has to be search engine optimized, too.

Making sure that it is ranking high on search engines will make sure that your target audience will find it. Remember that not many people enter the exact URL address of the websites they want to visit. They rely on Google to give the link to them. So, when they search for the industry that you are a part of, you need to make sure that your video is one of the first ones that will appear on the search results.

Thankfully, Google made it possible to reward websites with videos. When you search for a particular keyword on Google, the first results you will see are links to videos.

On Social Media

Finally, everyone knows how to use videos on social media like Facebook and Instagram, right? The problem is, we don’t exactly know how to use these videos to promote our business.

We think by creating and posting a video on YouTube and sharing it on Facebook that we’re already doing our part of the job. Videos on social media that are meant to promote the business should not only be posted and shared, but they should be a forum where the target market will engage with one another and with the company.

Since social media is the primary method of communication these days, you should maximize these potentials by promoting your business through Tampa video production.