When creating video content for your website, the first thing you have to do is understand how your web visitors interact with them on your site. How is the current Tampa video production faring on your website?

Are they driving traffic to your site? Are people engaging with it? Does it have a lot of views, comments, and shares? That’s the number one rule before going on a production spree: you have to find out how your web visitors use the videos they find on your site.

On the Homepage

If your homepage has a video, that’s good news. Google loves homepages with videos because it shows the authenticity and the innovativeness of the site owner. But, if the video makes your site crash, that will push people away from your site.

As a result, Google will notice the high bounce rate and lower your rank accordingly. If your site doesn’t have enough bandwidth to play the video, it’s high time you invest in it.

Is the video playing automatically? Perhaps, some of your web visitors don’t like the idea of needing to turn off the video once the homepage loads. You can make this optional. Give the choice to your web visitors.

On the Inside Pages

Do your web visitors venture to your inside web pages? Do they visit the product pages or the blog section of your website? If you are going to put a Tampa video production on your inside pages, make sure that your visitors visit these pages.

Otherwise, you are wasting your placement of the video. It might be better off being posted on your homepage or social media page. Finding out your web visitors’ activities when they land on your website is another way to figure out how to use your videos more effectively.

Liking, Sharing, Commenting

When you post a Tampa video production on your website, use the same features of social media. Allow your web visitors to react to the video by having a like, comment, and share buttons. This will allow you to have a sense of how they feel about what they watched.

Let them comment on the video, so you can interact with them and gain new perspectives. Allow them to share the video on their social media pages, so it will lead their network and followers to your website. Be smart when creating video materials for your website. Producing videos isn’t cheap both in terms of time and money.