When you make the decision to hire a Tampa video production team to handle your video marketing and its content, then you should know that this is a good choice to make, as video content is in very strong demand from both audiences and businesses.

If done properly, this can go a long way in making sure that your company gets the online visibility that it needs to succeed. However, many newer companies take one look at the cost of video production services and say no right away without even giving it a chance, which can be a wasted opportunity.

While there is no denying that video production services can be costly, there is a good reason why you pay as much as you do. Read on to learn more about why Tampa video production services cost as much as they do and what you are getting out of it.


One of the most basic factors that set professionals apart from an amateur with a camera phone is the type of equipment that they bring on shoots. If you want professional-quality footage, then you need the gear for it, which isn’t cheap.

This isn’t the kind of gear that you bring to take a few nice photos on a Sunday outing with the family; this kind of gear can set professionals back in the thousands on just the body alone. If your shoot requires a special kind of angle or shot, then additional gear might be needed, which means that you have to rent it and will factor into the final cost.

Skill and experience

Keep in mind that even if you buy all of the equipment that a production crew has, you will still be lacking a very essential component to a good video, which is the skill and experience that is needed to operate this equipment.

While it seems like every single video production offers the same services, each production company handles it differently and injects its own spin into it. This is a large part of what you’re paying a production company for, which is their unique style of video filming.

A video production means more than just filming

Many people believe the misconception that hiring a Tampa video production means simply hiring a guy to press record on a camera. In reality, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes of a video production that most people aren’t aware of.

Once the footage has been filmed, the production crew still needs to take this footage and process it in the post-production stage, which is where the entire video comes together. This isn’t something that the average person can do, which is why it needs to be factored into the cost of production services.