Believe it or not, even during this golden age of the internet and Tampa video production, a lot of businessmen still have not realized how to properly harness, embrace, and maximize videos. Many companies—big and small—have not integrated videos into their marketing campaigns. There’s still a lot of misconceptions about how videos should be used and the kind of impact they have on businesses.

To understand this better, you need to look at certain aspects of your marketing and sales results.

Through Bounce Rate and Unique Views

Bounce rate is the percentage of web visitors “bouncing” to another site after they have landed on your homepage. Having a high bounce rate is not good for your website and business. This is one of those times when having a high percentage doesn’t spell success.

When your site’s bounce rate is through the roof, it means your site is failing to appeal to your audience. Find out what is so inconceivable about your website that people can’t even be bothered to stay and browse through it.

Unique views pertain to the number of new visitors your website gets during a specified period. This number suggests how popular your website is and how many people are checking it out. If you have a low number of unique views, be very worried because it means your clientele is not expanding.

Through Engagement

Engagement on the internet can be measured by how popular your website is on social media. Look at these factors: number of shares, likes, and comments. Engagement doesn’t always have to be positive. If people are leaving bad reviews or comments about your brand, this is still a form of engagement and one that you can turn around.

When your website and social media profiles are not generating enough engagement, you might not be posting enough informative content to trigger people to share and comment on your posts. The best way to attract their attention? Create a Tampa video production. It increases engagement instantly and therefore, improves your site standing through SEO.

Through Sales

Then, of course, you can measure the effectiveness of your well-curated Tampa video production content through sales. The primary purpose of every marketing video is to raise awareness about a brand, but its end goal is to make sales. If your video is doing well, it should show in your sales report. There should be a significant increase in sales and inquiries. And while this might not happen overnight, it shouldn’t take more than three months to take effect.