In any Tampa video production, resources are pretty scarce, unless you’re working for a big-budget production. However, for the average video production project, you have to plan very thoroughly the allocation of the resources provided to you, including the budget, props, and most importantly, time.

Time is one of the most scarce resources when working on a video project. It always feels like you’re running out of time and scrambling to get something done within the deadline provided.

Because of this, you need to learn how to schedule your Tampa video production properly and recognize what parts need to be prioritized for your production. This way, you end up with the parts that you need to complete your video on time. Read on to learn how to prioritize when scheduling your video production project.

Script breakdown

The first thing that you need to look at for you to understand what needs to be prioritized for your scheduling is the breakdown of your script. This is usually done to determine scenes and shooting schedules, so you should take a look at this so that you know what parts of the script need to be shot first.

Shooting the most important scenes first will allow you to put together the majority of your video first, which allows you to make room for flexibility to make up the other, less important scenes when needed.


Another important factor to consider with scheduling is the location. As much as possible, you should be scheduling the more hard-to-access scenes first, as this allows you to get them out of the way early on. Doing so will help make the later parts of the shooting and production much easier for everyone involved.

Time of day

Again, the more accessible scenes need to be shot first, so if you require a scene during the daytime, then you should schedule it early on during the day. It’s a simple logistics decision that helps free up the rest of the production to make it easier for you and the crew later on.

The talent’s schedule

Of course, another important factor to take into consideration for the prioritization of your Tampa video production schedule is the talent themselves. If they have other shoots to be at later on, then you need to place their scenes at the top of the scheduling list. The last thing you want is to have to try to track down an actor because they are missing a scene that is crucial to the overall story of the production.