A call-to-action is fairly self-explanatory. It’s basically the action you want web visitors to take after visiting your website. Some examples of CTA are call us, subscribe now, sign up now, visit the site, etc. It directs the web visitors to the next course of action that will be beneficial for your company or website. The question is: should a Tampa video production made to market a business have a CTA? What will a CTA do in a video production?

The direct answer is that all video productions, whether they are made for marketing or not, are supposed to have CTA. These let viewers know what the website intends for them to do and what the web owners want from them. It also gives them an opportunity to take stock of what they can get from the website. If they signed up to receive newsletters, what can they expect to know from these?

A Tampa video production is still a form of communication. You are reaching out to your market to tell them about your company, products, and services. After telling them what you’re about, what do you expect them to do with that information? Are they supposed to just sit on that information? Eventually, your web visitors will become so disinterested in what you’re offering that they won’t watch the videos you produced anymore. They will remain clueless as to what you want them to do, so it’s critical for you to send a message through the CTA.

Imagine making a video about your restaurant. The food is enticing. The ambiance is inviting. You made your viewers salivate on the photos of the different dishes you offer. And yet, you ended your video without any information about where they can find you or how they can reach you. The viewers want to visit and sample your food. However, without a CTA, they will be lost. They won’t know what to do.

Are they supposed to find more information about you? Isn’t that the point of making a Tampa video production. Your aim is to reach out to your market. Once you managed to make them watch a one-minute video, for example, what then do you want them to do? Are they supposed to just marinate in that information on the video? People are simply going to forget about your company when you don’t tell them what you want them to do.