With many industries looking to move forward in the middle of the pandemic, it is very important for professionals to fully understand how they’re supposed to adapt to meet the safety standards and regulations. This is particularly tricky for the Tampa video production industry because this industry relies heavily on face to face interactions.

However, for the industry to continue, its professionals must learn how to adapt to new standards to remain safe in the middle of the pandemic. Read on to learn more about how you can stay safe if you are being called on to film events for Tampa video production footage and the like.

Always wear a mask

One of the most important regulations you need to follow is to wear a mask at all times. It is certainly inconvenient, no doubt about that, but wearing a mask the entire time you’re filming the event can mean the difference between your safety and contracting the virus.

Make sure that you wear the right kind of masks. Keep in mind that health organizations have put out a list of recommended types of masks that you should be wearing. Follow these guidelines and keep them on the entire time you’re at the event.

Bring the necessary supplies

A large part of staying safe when you’re filming an event is by bringing the needed supplies. This means bringing the needed supplies that can help protect yourself against the virus.

Some of these supplies include hand sanitizer and wipes, which can be used to sanitize the areas where you’re going to make contact. Learn to implement a system of sanitation; there is no point in bringing these supplies if you’re not going to be using them properly.

Consider bringing your own food

If you’re going to be filming events like weddings, it is very tempting to partake in the offered food, but some wedding parties do not follow the recommended safety guidelines. You cannot risk hoping that the event that you’re going to be covering will follow those guidelines, so if you want to guarantee your safety, you should consider bringing your own food.

Sanitize everything

Finally, during and after the event, you should make sure to sanitize all of your Tampa video production gear. Remember that the coronavirus is airborne, so you don’t know if it somehow landed on your equipment.

It’s best not to risk it, especially since you’ll be handling all of your equipment. Bring the necessary supplies to santize everything during the event, and give your equipment a full sanitation when you get home.