Out of all of the stages of your Tampa video production, pre-production is arguably the most important stage. The reason behind this is that pre-production is the stage where you set the stage for the rest of your video project. Without pre-production, you will not be able to execute the rest of your video properly, which can lead to a failure of your video.

It can be easy to fast-track your pre-production to focus on the actual production, but doing so can mean jeopardizing the rest of your video. This stage needs to be done properly, so to help you out, here are some pre-production points that you might overlook in your Tampa video production.


As important as the video’s budget is, there’s no way that you can overlook this. However, what you may overlook is the proper allocation of this. Many people forget essential parts of the video’s budget, which leads to problems later on. Make sure that you cover all of the bases with your production budget.


Schedules are an essential part of any video production. When you start planning your video production project, make sure that you lay out a timeline so that you can accurately plot out the right schedules for your project’s needs.

Hair, makeup, and wardrobe

If you want your video’s characters to stand out, then you need to flesh out their personalities. Take the time to go through the script to fully understand the characters and how they are set apart from one another. One way that they are told apart is through their hair, makeup, and wardrobe. These factors will bring the characters to life and give them personality.

Shooting locations

Again, you will have to pay attention to the script to determine how you’re going to approach the planning for this. You will need to compare the script with your production budget to plan out exactly where your shooting locations are going to be.

It can be hard to get the ideal shooting location for all of your scenes because of budget constraints, so make sure that you learn to prioritize which scene you will shoot on-location and which ones you have to compromise on.


For the benefit of your Tampa video production, you should make sure that you make arrangements for your cast and crew in terms of catering. It takes a lot of energy to shoot a video, and people will need to eat to keep their energy up. Take into account the number of people, days, and any dietary restrictions that will need to be taken into consideration when you’re planning for catering.