The world of Tampa video production sees a lot of growth and development which is directly related to the type of technology that emerges today. One of the most popular trends that you might have observed yourself is the use of drones to capture all kinds of scenes and take shots from creative angles.

As this particular trend starts to balloon in popularity, you may find yourself needing to travel more often with a drone. However, as delicate as it is as a piece of equipment, you may find yourself feeling nervous about traveling with it.

After all, there are plenty of factors that can end up damaging your drone, costing you thousands of dollars. To make sure that you and your drone arrive safely for the Tampa video production shoot, here are some drone traveling tips.

A good hard case goes a long way

A good way to make sure that your drone is properly protected during your travel is by investing in a good hard case to provide protection while traveling. Because of how popular drone technology has become, there are now hard cases that are designed specifically for transporting drones.

Initially, it might seem like another expense to deal with, but if you offer drone services as one of your main production services, then this is a good investment to avoid damage to your drone as you travel to and from trips. Good hard cases are durable enough to handle the shock of travel, as it absorbs any damage that is inflicted on its outside.

Make sure to learn the local drone laws and regulations

Because of how popular drone technology has become, there are plenty of countries and locations that have their own specific drone laws. This is to make sure that anybody who is around a drone is properly protected and that their privacy is not being compromised. If you’re traveling to a new location for your drone services, always take the time to read up on the local laws and regulations regarding drone use so that you don’t end up damaging your drone or getting it confiscated.

You should check with your airline regarding drone transport

Flying with a drone for a Tampa video production job can be a nerve-wracking affair. You don’t know if the airline is going to force you to check in your drone, which means that it can get damaged during the transport. To make sure that you are prepared, call up the airline to find out what their regulations are regarding drone transport.

This allows you to take the necessary precautions to guarantee the safety and condition of your drone. One of the biggest issues with drone transport is the batteries that it uses, which are LiPo batteries, and can be prone to damage up in the air. Make sure to clarify this with your airline.