Unless it’s from a famous film franchise, it wouldn’t be considered strange for people to leave the theater immediately once a film has ended and the credits start to roll. For a few seconds, names and their respective roles set on an eye-catching font scroll through and pop up on the screen. And as the credits roll and more names get featured, the font gets smaller and more people leave the theater. If this was a Tampa video production and it was posted online, it wouldn’t be surprising for the viewer to close the tab once the video ends and the credits show.

If you think about it, a lot of people are included in those credits. Of course, you’ll first see the names of the main cast, as well as the names of the directors, producers, and screenwriters. And while the rest of the crew’s names are being featured, there’s a certain role people tend to overlook. A job which people would scoff at and might even underestimate. And that, folks, is the job of the PA, the unsung hero of the film production.

So who are PAs? What do they do in a Tampa video production? If you’re interested in learning more about them, you can read more below:

First of all, PA means a production assistant. Now, the production assistant’s roles depend on what kind of PA they might be. Either way, they are integral to the film production. In general, production assistants are grouped into three kinds: Set PA, Office PA, and Post-Production PA.

Set PA

Also known as field PA, set production assistants are responsible for supporting the physical production. This means they bring support to the production team and perform tasks for them. Some of their tasks would include driving. To be more precise, they are tasked to drive the cast and crew around sets and to also transfer important equipment. Apart from that, they also protect the set from the public and provide support for the crew members to ensure smooth film production. Set PAs also prepare items that might be needed for production, and when needed, clean the set.

Office PA

With office production assistants, their responsibilities are more administrative compared to others. You see, office PAs are responsible for handling paperwork that’s relevant to the film production. They’re also in charge of handling phone calls, should there be inquiries and problems that need to be addressed. For example, if there are any concerns regarding filming locations, or if there are issues with the catering for the cast and crew, the office PA is responsible for communicating and providing solutions.

Post-Production PA

Post-production assistants make sure the Tampa video production post-production process goes smoothly. Some of their responsibilities involve managing hard drives, which contains all the footage needed for the film. They’re also in charge of organizing the footage that will be used, as well as scrubbing through the shot footage. And if needed, the post PA is also in charge of going on supply runs.