Your Tampa video production is being judged based on a variety of qualifications such as style, presentation, production quality, and content. To drive web traffic to your site, video production is highly necessary. In fact, 1/3 of the internet content is made up of videos. Experts predict that this number will rise in the coming years. Your website cannot survive without video production.

But many people do not realize that to produce a quality and amazing video, the pre-production is as much important as the actual shoot. Preparation for the production should be well-planned and well-researched. There should not be a crease on the plan, especially the execution.

Be Original

Think of an original and unique concept. Do not try to copy a video from your competitors’ successful lineup. Research keywords that will bring traffic to your website and think of new angles that your industry hasn’t touched yet. You can also create a viewer persona wherein you will try to see your video from a different angle. Check the other videos in the industry and make sure that no one has touched the same angle that you are planning.

Have a Plan

Write a plan and create a storyboard. Make a video script, as well as a list of the shots you want to take. Make sure to write the dialogues as compellingly as possible. Do not think that writing a video script is the same as writing a blog post.

It is entirely different. In video scripts, you need to consider the angles of the videos in relation to the dialogues of the actors. You also need to plan your b-roll shots because you would not want it to be a problem once you are ready to edit the videos.

Be Selective in Choosing Talents

Choose the actors who are going to star in your videos well. If possible, go through a series of auditions before you hire them. This will give you an opportunity to see whether they will act naturally in front of the camera and whether if they memorize the dialogues well. Set high standards when hiring actors for your Tampa video production because it can become problematic in the future.

Pick the Right Set or Backdrop

In the past, video producers can shoot the videos in a set and they wouldn’t hear a thing from their audience. However, this is now how you should do it now. Your audience will see every detail in the video, including the set you used. He will notice if you try to fool them by shooting the video in a set rather than an actual location.