Since 2013, mobile video views have grown rapidly. The number of views grew more than 233% and YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. So, what can we learn from these statistics? It will show you that Tampa video production is more than just a fad for mobile users. It rose because of the growing number of audience that uses mobile devices.

People like to watch videos on the go. They watch them while they are commuting or stuck in traffic. They watch videos while they are lining up for the cashier. That is why if you are making marketing videos for your small business, you need to prioritize optimizing it for mobile devices.

How to Optimize for Mobile Platforms

First, the videos should be formatted for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. You should also make sure that the video has the right backend formatting. This means that the meta tags on the video should be optimized for mobile users so they can easily be seen on Google’s search results.

How are mobile users searching for keywords? What are the right keywords that you should use on your videos’ metatags? This is one of the most important steps that you should make for your Tampa video production. You have to understand how mobile users are searching for these videos.

How Consumers Are Searching on Mobile Devices

Since mobile devices are infinitely smaller than laptops and desktops, here’s the deal: web users use abbreviations and shortened phrases when they are searching for something on search engines. They use these because they are always on the go when they are using their mobile devices. If you want to be on top of that search engine results, you need to produce videos. But more than just making videos, you need to use the right meta description and meta tags for these videos.

What are the keywords associated with your products? Can you shorten these words? Can you use these words in different contexts? Use as many words as you can on your meta tags. This is how Google will index your videos.

Whenever you are making Tampa video production, it’s important to remember who it is for. In 2020, these videos should be made for mobile users. The priority should be to produce videos that will appeal to mobile users, and that search engines can index high on their search results.