With or without the pandemic, businesses should be using Tampa video production to send a message to their consumers. But what exactly do consumers need to watch, know, and learn? In case you haven’t learned anything the past couple of years, video marketers tend to get 66% more qualified leads yearly compared to those who don’t focus on video. They can also increase brand awareness and purchases.

Is it any different in today’s pandemic? Not exactly. Consumers are more consumed with videos today. They watch an enormous amount of videos today because they have to stay more at home than hang out at the mall or in a bar. This gives businesses plenty of opportunities to reach out to consumers.

Your Company Message

The best kind of Tampa video production for your business is your company’s message. Basically, there should be a representative from your company who can share with your customers or consumers what your company is doing during this time. The video doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be a head-and-shoulders shot of the company’s CEO. You should keep it short. A minute or two at the most is a concise video to show to your customers.

Behind the Scenes

If you are in the essential services businesses, this is the best time to show your consumers and clients what you are doing behind the scenes. People love seeing companies they support behind the curtain. How are you operating at this time? What changes did you make in your operations and transactions? These are the things that people love to know about your business.

The fact that you can show your consumers that your people are actually risking their lives to serve them means a lot to your market. It is also reassuring that they care enough about the customers to actually come to work when it is neither safe or healthy. Aside from that, seeing how businesses are operating normally gives people hope that their lives will return to normal one day.


Feature testimonials from the customers who supported you in the past. You can make a series of videos wherein you will interview clients about their experiences with your business. You can ask them about how the pandemic is impacting their lives and how they think your business can help them.

These are the kind of Tampa video production that your trusted and loyal consumers will appreciate to see on your website and social media platforms.