What’s a company culture? It’s the overall feel of the company. It’s a mix of values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, myths, and rituals that employees and their employers develop over time. You don’t just decide on what the culture in your company is going to be like. You can guide it, but these develop over time. That’s essentially what you should show on your behind-the-scenes Tampa video production. These types of videos will humanize your company and the people behind it.

Why is it important that a company show this side to their customers? Showing the production process of your company makes you more human to your customers. It shows that there are actual people who do the work so they can enjoy the products and services you deliver. It will make them appreciate your company more, and value the products that they buy from you.

This type of video offers an immersive experience of your brand. It basically pulls back the curtain to reveal the challenges that your company faces to come up with better products and deliver better services. This allows customers to connect with your brand. It is a powerful way to build a connection with your customers. Once they see the struggles that you have to face to deliver the goods and services they demand, they’ll have a better understanding of your company’s values.

What Should the Video Show?

The Tampa video production should show the names and faces of your team members, as well as the design of your office, the way the team interacts with one another, how they dress, and what their personalities are like. You can even introduce the staff that does not entirely work in the production process. Those in the backend need recognition, too. This is a great way to recognize the sacrifices of your team members. Letting customers know you are proud of them is a great morale booster.

What Types of Culture Videos Are Effective?

Some popular types of culture videos are office pranks, meetings, presentations, brainstorming sessions, team building, and after-work events. Remember that whatever kind of culture video you make, the goal is to showcase the character of your team and the environment in your office. Your video should appeal to the viewers and potential customers on a personal level.

Since 85% of businesses use video marketing, you have to find a way to set your company apart. One way to do that is through culture video. Through Tampa video production, you can separate your company by showing your business traits and personality.