What comes to mind when you hear the word videos? Do you think of teenagers using TikTok and Instagram to publish memes and vlogs? Do you think of celebrities using videos to endorse movies, products, and causes? Sure, these are all true, but you should also know that a large percentage of small, medium, and large businesses use Tampa video production to raise brand awareness and market their companies.

There are four different types of corporate videos that businesses use when marketing their products and services. Here they are:

Time-Lapse Videos

This is the perfect way to show your potential customers the progress of a project or case study. In the case of a construction project, for example, you can show in a time-lapse video how a building (whether residential or commercial) was completed in time. You can also use time-lapse videos to highlight an award show where your company won or was nominated.

Event Coverage Videos

Event coverage is a great way to build brand awareness and bolster one’s online marketing strategies. For example, your company hosted an event where one of your products or services were launched. A Tampa video production company can showcase the event to potential customers who visit the website. The video can highlight how everyone enjoyed during the party and how well-received the new product or service was. These kinds of videos humanize the company. They show that businesses and the people behind them can have fun, too.

Corporate Video Production Services

The most popular types of corporate videos are training videos for new hires and current employees. Instead of having the human resource department brief the new employees on the different policies of the company, a corporate video will do all these in minutes. The best thing about it is that the new hires can revisit any concept or idea that they didn’t get the first time. It saves time, money, and resources.

Brand Exposure and Marketing

A Tampa video production is one of the most effective ways of promoting your brand values and services. The video should show how your brand aims to improve your customers’ lives. It should show how it will go about doing that. Every corporate video aims to highlight the strengths of the brand and how it can impact the lives of the customers it hopes to help.

Don’t think twice about using corporate videos to market your products and services. It’s the most influential and powerful tool you have access to.