If there’s one thing rival marketers all agree on, it’s that video testimonials are the best kind of marketing campaigns. Nothing convinces a potential customer more than a satisfied customer. If you tell a friend that you got great service from a hairstylist, that friend will visit that stylist next time he/she needs a haircut. It’s the same with Tampa video production. You can use it to convince potential customers that your past clients think you’re the best at what you do.

But, the more important question is this: how do you get those elusive video testimonials? Not all customers are willing to take a video of themselves to benefit your business. What’s in it for them? What can they get from helping you market your business? Answering that question will be the core of how you will convince them.

Ask Them

How can you get an answer if you’re not willing to get denied? Even if you think customers are not comfortable in front of the camera, do ask if they are willing to do this for your business. Explain that it will help your business, especially at this time. And yes, do offer incentives. They are going to put themselves out there for you. The least you can do is offer something in return.

You can make it easy for them, too. You can send a personalized email with a video message. All they have to do is click the “reply with a video” button and they can record themselves right there. Remember that others are less comfortable in front of the camera. You cannot force customers to leave video testimonials for your business. Ask them, but never force them.

Interview Them

Maybe they are not comfortable talking about a product or service before the camera on their own. But who knows? Maybe they’re better if someone is there in the shot with them. Offer to interview them in front of the camera. They will feel more comfortable simply answering your questions about the products they bought from you. Also, with this setup, you are going to be the one to provide the video and audio equipment. You won’t have to burden them for the Tampa video production.

Tell Them Why It’s Valuable

Tell your customers that they can help others choose wisely, too. If they know their message can help other people, then they might be easier to persuade to make a video testimonial. By nature, people love helping their peers. Just tell them they can make someone’s decision-making process easier by creating a video testimonial. They’ll be happy to help you.