The Tampa video production landscape will continue to grow and prosper. Every year, some new trends and upgrades can completely change the way we create and edit videos. But here’s one thing that we’re pretty sure of: we will continue to need corporate video production and it will improve our business’ profitabilities.

Since there is a lot of competition in the industry, your corporate videos must add more value than what your competitors can produce.

Offer Solutions, Not Just Videos

The best way to understand what clients need is to spend time with them. Research how their competitors are marketing their products and find solutions that will work for your clients. Instead of focusing on creating the most amazing videos, you should first find out what your client needs. If the client is impressed by your work ethic and your ability to get to know them, you may even be put on retainer.

Add a Bonus to Your Deliverables

Your client will be pleasantly surprised if you’ll add a little something to the package he’s expecting. If he signed up for only one video, you can make one that will fit the dimensions and requirements of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can either offer it as an additional part of the package or give it for free for your loyal clients.

Group Clients Together

This will not work for all clients but you can invite individual companies to come together and make a singular video. If, for example, they belong to the same industry and organization, they can collaborate for a project. Of course, this does not mean that one of them will be willing to foot the bill. With a bit of negotiation and teamwork, they should be able to find common ground and work toward their goal of marketing their businesses.

Publish on Your Channels

If you have a huge following on social media, you can use that as leverage. You can publish the Tampa video production you made on your own channels so that you can provide added publicity to your clients. If you are serious about helping your clients achieve their business goals, you should open your channels to promoting their businesses to your followers. You can also add the videos you have created to your demo reel to attract more clients to inquire about your products and services.