Did you notice that some e-commerce website such as Amazon, Zappos, and Asos have already started integrating video marketing into their online retail stores? Even Target and WalMart have exactly the same strategy—use videos to persuade customers into converting rather than merely visiting. Studies found out that customers who watched a Tampa video production about a business’ products and services are 87% more likely to make a purchase.

If that is not enough to convince you, think about this: 96% of customers said that they find videos useful when shopping online. This means that people are looking for videos about the products you are selling—whether it’s someone modeling a handbag or a clothing line or instruction on how to use a vacuum cleaner. Videos are extremely important in today’s e-commerce world.

Host Your Own Videos

Companies have the option to upload the videos on YouTube and simply embed it on the e-commerce website. While this saves a lot of bandwidth and effort, playing videos on YouTube may distract the customers away from your products. Eventually, they’ll end up browsing YouTube videos rather than the videos on your site. You’ve already wasted an opportunity to make a sale. Similarly, when the video is somehow deleted from YouTube, it will also be removed from your website.

Use Only High-Quality Videos

It’s not enough that you’re producing your own Tampa video production (and not using stock videos). You should also use only the highest quality of videos you can come up with. Although it is a bit expensive than simply taking photos of the products, the investment is worth it and you’ll find out soon enough that your product videos have attracted a large number of your market.

Optimize Your Videos

Make sure that your Tampa video production content is optimized to play on all devices—from desktops to smartphones. A large portion of the internet population, roughly around 70% to 80%–are accessing the internet from their smartphones and tablets. If your videos are not optimized to play across a range of devices, you will lose a whole chunk of your market.

Make Your Videos SEO-Rich

Accompany your videos with an alt text, which is what Google searches for when they are indexing websites and web pages. Without an alt text, Google will pass by your website like it’s nothing when video content is actually highly favored by the search engine. Videos have a higher click-through rate than textual content, so maximize its potentials by understanding how to use it effectively on the internet.