In the past, marketing and sales don’t make use of too many videos in terms of engaging customers because most people aren’t comfortable with videos. But the coronavirus pandemic changed that. A survey said that respondents are using more videos than ever, so that means you can now produce as many Tampa video production content as possible because your consumers are tuning in on videos.

The survey said that 87% of respondents are using more synchronous videos and 55% are using asynchronous videos. Yes, people are okay with live streams now. They want to interact with other people in real-time. This will never take the place of actual face-to-face interactions, but it’s the closest we have right now. Asynchronous videos, on the other hand, target those who do not have time and are not comfortable facing the camera and being in a teleconference call with other people.

Circumstances have changed. People now realize the importance of video in terms of sales and marketing. If you are not comfortable facing people in videos, you won’t make it out of this pandemic alive. In sales and marketing, you’ll have to do a lot of live virtual demonstrations and video sales calls. If you cannot do that, you’re going to have a problem.

And it’s not just about doing it. You also have to make quality videos. If your prospects are going to watch the videos later, you will still have time to edit them. Use that time to make sure that the video is clear and concise.

Never Assume

Don’t assume that your clients and prospects understand the platform you are going to use for teleconferencing. There are a ton of providers out there. Email the prospective clients a list of instructions on how to use the platform, so you won’t get into difficulties when the video goes live.

Check Your List

Make a video sales checklist. The list should include all the topics you want to share with your prospective clients. Check all the boxes in terms of technology and quality issue. If you want your customers to have a seamless experience watching your Tampa video production, make sure that the video conforms to what they want to hear.

There Is No Guarantee

Just because you made a video doesn’t mean you will close the deal. You still have to work on your marketing strategies, techniques, and message crafting. You still have to know who your audience is, what they want to hear, what they need, and what kind of problems they are facing.