Which one is better? Is it live videos or animation? There is no better Tampa video production when it comes to marketing your brand. Each one of these videos has its own merit. Live videos are extremely effective at improving the engagement rate while an animation is great at discussing complex ideas and topics. The question of which one is better often depends on your specific marketing and communication goals.

Live-action Videos

In the past couple of years, live videos have become popular in engaging with the audience directly. Before this, consumers are only able to communicate with the brands that they support when they have to complain about a product. They usually use the email to send feedback—whether positive or negative. Over the past years and because of the evolution of the smartphone, companies began live streaming events, production processes, and behind-the-scenes happenings from their own offices and warehouses.

These videos give the audience a sense of who you are as a company. Videos like these humanize your brand. They make your brand more real to their target market. You can rely on these videos to engage more with your audience. They can ask questions and you can answer these questions directly. Your company can also use this platform to announce news and updates about your brand. The ability to answer these questions on air will make you more real to your audience.


If you have a lot of complex and complicated data and information to share with your customers, you can use animated videos. Through these videos, you can create animation and motion graphics. Use engaging characters and stories to get to your audience better. Many companies use this type of video to communicate technical information to their customers.

If your product is a bit on the technical side, you can use animation to explain a variety of how-tos. It will also help if you can make a video instructing how to troubleshoot the items that you sell. This is helpful in augmenting your post-sales response to your customers.

The best thing about animated videos is that they keep the audience entertained. They use beautiful color palettes and dynamic visuals to keep the audience entertained. Don’t forget that these are the components that make your videos more engaging.

Whether you prefer live-action videos or animation for your Tampa video production, it’s important to remember to choose a type that your audience can relate to. The mark of a great company is knowing what its audience wants and needs to see, hear, and feel.