Numbers don’t lie, right? If we are to believe the numbers, then you would know that a whopping 78% of web users watch online videos every week and 55% watch them every day. YouTube, Vimeo, and Periscope have officially been the world’s greatest time-wasters. People spend an inordinate amount of time-consuming the likes of Tampa video production on YouTube; so much so that this pastime became an addiction.

If you are a business and you are not maximizing the availability of this technology, then you are wasting precious time and resources. There is nothing like video-sharing platforms to transform your business. People spend so much time on social media watching viral videos that it’s a complete waste of opportunities not to get your marketing videos to them, too.

But more than marketing products and services, it takes a fun and controversial video to go viral on the internet. How exactly can you make a marketing video fun?

The first rule is to find out what’s fun to your target audience. Every market is unique. What’s fun to one market may not be fun to another. That’s why you have to know who your audience is. Are they parents who love showing off their children? Are they teenagers who are following the “you-only-live-once” lifestyle? Or, are they older adults trying to find activities in their retirement years?

From the colors to the message to the images used in the marketing video… those will all depend on the kind of market that you are targeting. For example, parents of young children will respond to marketing videos that showcase how a product or service will improve the well-being of their children. Teenagers will want the images to resonate with the lifestyle they adhere to. Older adults will laugh at the various age-appropriate activities you present on the Tampa video production.

The second rule for marketing videos to be fun is that they have to be engaging. They cannot be static. They should continue moving and changing. The audience should know from the video what they need to do to achieve what the video promises. Do they need to buy, subscribe, or attend? The video has to raise questions that the viewers will be interested in answering. They have to use the video to figure out how they want to respond.

It takes a lot of time, effort, and even money to make a successful Tampa video production. The benefits, of course, far outweigh the risks and challenges you have to face.