Are you prepping up for your client meeting? Will this potential client bring something to your Tampa video production business? Will there be challenges in producing video content for them? All of those questions need to be answered but not by phone or Messenger or email. This needs to be done face-to-face. That will give you a better idea of what kind of organization will you be working with for this project.

Do Not Sign the Contract Just Yet

Do not sign the contract unless you’ve met with the client. If a face-to-face meeting isn’t possible, meet with the client via Skype or another platform. The important thing is to see the client’s face and all its reactions, emotions, and nuances.

Gauge the Chemistry

During the meeting, your main goal should be to gauge whether you can work with the client and what kind of organization the client is running. Remember that a Tampa video production will take a while to produce and finalize. This means you’ll be spending much time with the clients and their organization. It is better to find out if you have chemistry or not before the contract has been signed and notarized.

Estimate the Scope of the Project

The potential client will be able to explain to you much further the scope of the project—what needs to be done, what was done before, and what the clients expect you to do. This will give you an idea of how lengthy the whole process will be, how much time you will spend doing it, and how much you need to charge the clients for your service.

Discuss the Process

It is important that both of you understand the process it’s going to take to produce the video. Do not leave the clients searching for information. You should be the one to provide them with information about the video they want you to produce. The whole thing can take a week or two weeks. This should be clear to the clients because you don’t want them expecting the project earlier than you can produce it.

Provide a Ballpark Quote

Finally, this is what the clients will want to hear from you. Now that you have an idea about what they need from you, they want to know how much the Tampa video production is going to cost them. Give them a ballpark figure of how much they need so they can prepare for it and decide whether they can afford your services.