Are you familiar with TEDx Talks? These are events wherein a speaker—usually an industry expert or businessman—present well-informed ideas in under 18 minutes. The 18-minute presentation approach is based on a person’s ability to stay focus and listen. Some of the most successful TEDs Talks are just under five minutes. These presentations are held as a live event, but a Tampa video production accompanies it. This video, which acts like a webinar, is livestreamed on the internet. Later, the same presentation will be uploaded on social media.

These kinds of presentations have surged in popularity over the past years. TEDx Talks have become a global platform for anyone with a unique idea that needs to be presented to a large audience. There are two kinds of ideas you can talk about in your own presentation: something new and surprising (maybe a new product?) and a basic idea with a compelling new argument and perspective (a new way to use a basic product?).

Introduce an Idea

What kind of presentations can be beneficial for your business? One, you can present a new idea for a product. This is a great way to get feedback on the idea. Is it viable? Does it have loopholes? Will there be market support? Is there an interest in this idea? It is worth to hear your target market’s opinions before diving into the production process. No matter how great an idea is, it should remain an idea if there’s no real interest from your market to buy it.

Show a Product

Maybe you have a product in your lineup that hasn’t been getting as much attention as the other items. A presentation can showcase how this product will help your customers with their issues. How come they aren’t going gaga over your robot vacuum, for example? Maybe you haven’t been marketing it that well. Maybe they have so many questions about its use and features that they’re choosing to ignore its benefits. The best way to crush these misconceptions is to show what a product can do.

Increase Your Network

And sometimes, it’s as simple as this. Your business has been doing well enough, but you know you have to reach more. You’re ready to expand. One way to do this is by presenting before a group of audience who could be your new customers and investors. You can reintroduce your business to these people. At the same time, a Tampa video production can be uploaded on the web to reach far-flung potential customers who can order your products online. But before they do that, you have to convince them through your presentation.