Right now, with COVID-19 being a major concern for many industries, including the Tampa video production industry, it is very important that we learn up on the different health protocols that we can follow to keep ourselves safe.

In an industry that is as reliant on face-to-face interaction as the video production industry is, how are you supposed to maintain safety? To help you out with this, read on to learn more about Tampa video production safety protocols that you should be following during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make sure everyone is briefed

One of the very first things that you should do when you’re looking to film a production in the middle of a pandemic is to plan out how you’re supposed to tackle the situation and make sure that everyone is one the same page.

Make sure to take into account your filming location, the number of people, the types of scenes you’re going to be filming, and any other factors that can affect the safety protocols that you should have in place. Always enforce the safety guidelines that you’re planning to implement on-set.

Implement safety guidelines on-set

When the pandemic started making waves in the media, the CDC, WHO, and other health agencies started putting out guidelines for the best way to prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace and at home.

You must adhere to those guidelines, such as regular disinfection, the provision of handwashing facilities on-site, the wearing of masks, etc. In addition to this, employees who are considered high-risk, such as those with pre-existing conditions and are considered immunocompromised should be advised not to come to work.

They can be given tasks that they can do from home, such as handling the logistics or post-production. If there are ways to implement as much social distancing on-set, you should take those opportunities, as well as minimize physical contact among employees.

Don’t forget to follow protocols after the shoot

Once you have completed your Tampa video production, you might think that it is finally over, but you should still make sure to follow safety protocols after the shoot has wrapped up.

This takes the form of the disinfection of all of the gear that had been used during the shoot, as well as properly dispose of the masks, gloves, and other forms of protection that you and your crew used during the shoot.

You and your team should also closely monitor their health and quarantine themselves to see if any symptoms show up. If symptoms do show up, make sure to get yourself tested, and to follow the recommended health guidelines and steps.