Many businesses fear the cost of hiring a Tampa video production agency that they simply forego the idea of making a marketing video. Those who understand how important this is will probably try to make their own marketing videos. But should businesses try their hands at this? Will their videos have the same impact as a professionally made one?

Lack of Experience

The first challenge to every amateur video maker is the experience that it takes to produce a quality marketing video. First-hand experience will teach you that marketing through visual elements isn’t the same as using words and blogs to catch the audience’s attention. Your visuals don’t only need to be stunning. They should speak volumes, too. They should represent the brand for which it is used.

People who don’t have prior experience in creating marketing videos will not have these insights. Marketing videos are not like movies or home videos. They don’t follow a formula. Instead, they change and adjust depending on the demands of the target audience and the goals of the organization.


Experienced and professional video producers have the support of their agencies, employers, peers, and the industry. They gained insights not only from their varied experiences but also from their peers and colleagues. Even the heavyweights in the industry are accessible to them because they are a part of the same network. Amateur videographers and DIY-ers don’t have this kind of opportunity. This means that you will be producing a critical marketing video based on your limited knowledge.

Resources and Equipment

Aside from the necessary skills and support, you may not have access to high-tech video equipment and accessories needed to produce a stunning marketing video. Even renting the needed equipment will be too expensive for an amateur video maker. On the other hand, buying video equipment is an expensive and unnecessary purchase for your business.


The most important thing about hiring the right Tampa video production company is because they know the needed format to fit the requirements of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Professional video producers understand the ratio and resolution needed for these videos to play seamlessly on social media and video-sharing platforms.

If you need a marketing video, you should hire professionals for it. This is an investment that you should make for your business to gain an advantage against its many competitors. While there is no law against doing marketing videos amateurishly, it can hurt your business more than help it.