Are you new to video marketing? By now, you should already understand how powerful a Tampa video production can be. It can drive sales up. It can also bring down an organization. The wrong message on the wrong platform can cause your business to lose thousands of dollars in sales. So before beginning your video marketing journey, you should have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how to go about achieving that.


If you want to raise awareness about your business, you shouldn’t use the video to increase sales. It should specifically introduce a product or service to your target market. The first step to building awareness about your brand is to define which part of the marketing funnel it should be included. For brand awareness, the marketing video should be on top of the funnel. The target is for your audience to discover or rediscover your brand. Make sure that even with a five-second video, your viewers can learn why they need your products.

Next, you want your customers to consider buying from your business. The Tampa video production should have a content that will develop a relationship between you (the seller) and the client. The consideration content should help persuade customers that you are an expert in your field. It can be useful in terms of growing your subscribers on YouTube or followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Finally, you want people to convert. This is the most important metric in the marketing funnel. The only way to make sure that your Tampa video production is effective is when it has improved the sales of your products and services. At this phase of the marketing funnel, you can offer discounts to your customers as a way to lure them to buy from you.

Whatever your goals are, remember to use tools and metrics to measure its success. Because what use is researching the right strategy if you have no idea if it’s working or not. You have to adapt your strategy depending on what the metrics said. Track your success as you go. No matter how well-formulated your marketing technique is, you still have to use a data-driven approach to maximize your activities.

When something doesn’t work, nip it on the bud. If something does work, iterate that quickly and boost it. Once you know how your Tampa video production affects your marketing funnel, then you’ll have a chance of doing better next time or staying put and boosting your current capabilities.