Video marketing is not just about raising awareness about your brand. It is more than about gaining exposure for your brand. In a nutshell, video marketing is about building trust. Yes, that same trust that pushes you to buy the same brand whenever you go to the grocery. It’s the same trust you’ve been applying to your purchase decisions since you’re a kid. Fortunately today, there are a lot of ways companies can gain the trust of their market. One of the most effective methods is through Tampa video production.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

This is a cornerstone video. It will not go viral because the intention is to introduce your brand to the market. You do not have to launch your products through a brand story. What this video needs are the history and background of your company, its mission and vision, its corporate social responsibility, its goals and programs, and its plans for the future. The brand story tells a narrative. It is neither exciting nor boring. It is somewhere in-between.

Use Customer Testimonials

More than 95% of your customers will watch customer testimonial videos because they would rather believe strangers (read that as real people) about a certain brand than the company that sells the brand. In their eyes, you are doing hard marketing. You are saying what you’re supposed to say. Your customers are another matter. They will be honest with their opinions about you. Customers rarely buy anything without reading or watching testimonials.

Engaging Your Customers

Aside from testimonials and narratives about your brand, you can also use Tampa video production to engage your customers. You can use the video to answer frequently asked questions. You can also use live videos to converse with your customers directly. There, you can answer their questions, satisfy their concerns, and put to rest their worries.

Connect With Your Industry

They say that no man is an island. That is true even in business. You have to work with your friends in the industry. You even have to work with your competitors. You can make a video about products and services that complement your own products and services. This will also help you get in touch with your market and industry experts. It is going to build your reputation as an expert.

All of these will help you become a more trustworthy brand. The more trustworthy your brand is, the more your target market will want to transact with you.