What makes up a great customer testimonial video? Business owners shy away from this type of Tampa video production because it is hard work and inconvenient. After all, you have to ask customers to leave a review of the products and services you sold them. That’s overwhelming and challenging.

Fortunately, modern customers are only too willing to leave video testimonials, thanks to social media and smartphones. They love tagging the brands that they wore. They generate content for your own feed. You can even ask if you can share their posts. That will make them happier.

But when it comes to a video testimonial that builds trust and looks great, you have to remember a few things first:

Before the Interview

Give the customers an idea of what topics you are going to cover. The keyword here is idea. They need to know how they will respond to you, and not what they will say to you. Don’t give them the questions that you will ask. They will look unnatural before the cameras. Instead, guide them with the topic ideas and let them answer the questions live.

During the Interview

You need the Tampa video production to be as authentic as possible. You can ask the customers if you can shoot the video in their workplace. That will add a degree of authenticity to your video. This helps reiterate the fact that you’re a brand that customers can trust.

B-roll Footage

Never forget to shoot additional b-roll footage. You will need a lot of those to fill the video. Whether you think you’ll need the shots or not doesn’t matter. You have to use the b-roll footage for transition and the like.


The customers should be as spontaneous as possible on film. That will make the testimonial videos look as authentic as possible. To achieve this, you have to let the camera run while the subjects talk as much as they want. You can edit out the parts later. Let the camera run as long as the customers want to talk.

When it is finally time to edit the video, remember to keep the footage neutral and to remove the parts that do not benefit your business.


Never have a customer testimonial video that’s too formal. Keep the interview conversational. How can you achieve this? By making the customers feel comfortable enough to converse with you for the Tampa video production. This leads to a more truthful and emotional response that can attract your target audience.