Your baby’s first birthday is fast coming up and yes, it’s okay to panic because you haven’t thought of anything else in the past weeks. You haven’t made up your mind about that Tampa video production company that you’re going to hire, and you haven’t finalized your catering just yet.

But it’s also important to remember these few things that will make your baby’s first birthday a breeze, especially when it comes to preparing him for his first-ever party and video production:

Set the Party Schedule Around Your Baby’s Naptime

One of the few things that parents do wrong when they schedule the birthday party of their baby is when they do not consider his nap time.

Most parties happen after lunch or early afternoon but for most babies, this is also the time that they take a nap. When the party starts, it makes him cranky to hear loud music and see other people he is not comfortable with.

Remember that your baby is just a year old, so that means he or she may not be very comfortable seeing many people in one room.

Think About What Your Baby Wants

Here’s something you need to understand about your baby’s first-year party: They do not understand that they’re having a grand party or that you’re hiring a Tampa video production company to commemorate this party.

It doesn’t mean that because you spent thousands of dollars on his first birthday that he’s obligated to appreciate your efforts or that he’s not going to get cranky even if you somehow mistakenly schedule his birthday during his nap time.

Expect that your baby is not 100% going to be okay during the party. Instead, before setting the party, think about what your baby wants which is probably some entertaining shows to watch.

Choose Your Guests Well

Think about who your baby is going to want to see at his party. Your baby might just be a year old, but he already has his favorite persons, right? He might want to see his godparents, his grandparents, or his cousins.

He might want to see more kids during his birthday so that they can play with him. Instead of doing the party for your adult friends, think about inviting children who will entertain your kid.

Prepare Your Kid for His Party

There’s a very good chance that your baby will be cranky during his party and that means that he will be crying on his birthday. Prepare your kids by training him to smile for the camera and sating his fears when there are people around him.

Bring him to the mall so that he will be more comfortable with people around. Try to take pictures and videos of him every day weeks before his birthday so that it becomes easy for him to face a Tampa video production company creating a video about his birthday.