Imagine editing a Tampa video production for a couple of days. But just when you are near the finish line, you realized you are three scenes short of b-roll footage. What is b-roll footage? It’s the footage that you use to fill up scenes and transitions. Whenever the interviewee drones on and on, you can use the b-roll footage to cut to some entertaining footage.

What kind of footage should you have for your Tampa video production? It depends on the video that you are making. For example, a CEO that talks about the impact of the pandemic on his retail business will do good with b-roll footage showing malls, boutiques, and other retail stores. Talking about how the pandemic will affect consumers during the holiday season is another topic that the CEO might discuss. The video can use b-roll footage of people doing their holiday shopping.

But the top two things you need to remember about shooting b-roll footage is the camera movement and the amount of coverage you need.

Camera Movement

What kind of Tampa video production are you doing? If you are producing a documentary, you should make sure that your camera movement will be minimal. That means that if you used a tripod in making the main video, make sure to use a tripod, too, in shooting the b-roll footage. Nothing is more distracting than seeing steady, rock-solid footage cut to a shake transitional footage. If you don’t make sure your b-roll footage isn’t shaky, then your video will lose cohesion.

Make sure that your b-roll footage doesn’t distract from the interview. You can use a slider, dolly, or jib to make sure that your b-roll footage is steady and solid as a rock.


How much b-roll footage should you shoot? Normally, you need about four to six times the length of the video. That means that if you made a one-minute Tampa video production, you need four to six minutes’ worth of b-roll footage. That’s enough to cover the length of the video in case the interviewee is too monotonous and uninteresting on camera.

If you are compiling notes during the actual interview, you have to immediately go out after and start shooting. Put your fresh ideas to work. The worst thing that you can do is schedule the b-roll shoot far from the actual Tampa video production shoot. By that time, you might have already forgotten the concept and idea you have in mind.