Video marketing is at an all-time high. Companies, small and big, are using videos to market their products and services. Since the pandemic, most out-of-home entertainment options have been canceled. This meant that people have to retreat to their homes and spend more time on the internet than they ever did before. This will likely continue in 2021, as trends in Tampa video production take shape.


Combining the words web and seminar led us to coin the term webinar. It’s an informative lecture that happens virtually. Participants log into a virtual room where they can listen to various speeches, lectures, and workshops. These webinars can be used as a type of content marketing that’s aimed at generating interest for your business.

Search Engines’ Emphasis on Videos

Search engines are more likely to put videos on top of the search results in the next few years. Videos are going to dominate search engines. They will be the preference of web users, as well as search engines and content producers. Soon, they will overtake blogs as the king of content marketing. If it doesn’t happen in 2021, it will definitely happen a few years from now.

Live Video Streaming

Live streaming was already possible a few years back, but it wasn’t until Twitch TV’s popularity that live streaming becomes possible for common people. With live streaming, no one needs a professional videographer. All they have to do is focus the camera on the subject and start streaming the video live. Companies can do this, too, as they prepare to engage more with their audience either through Tampa video production or more informal methods of video marketing.

There are a few good reasons why live streaming is better than recorded video. First, you can respond to your audience in real-time. Second, you can make a timely announcement and schedule. And third, live streams are far more personal and effective. You will be able to measure its success and effectiveness immediately.


Videos are found everywhere—on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube (of course), Reddit, and LinkedIn. Companies use all of these platforms to market their products and services. The presence of videos on these channels and platforms give it a wider reach than any other marketing tool. It is almost impossible to market and promote a business without using videos, so make sure you make the right investments.

Hopefully, 2021 will be a far better year in terms of business. We should all strive to come up with ways that will put out businesses on the map once more.