Ninety percent of the time, businesses with Tampa video production on their websites will benefit from it through a more engaged audience, an increase in web traffic, and improvement in conversion rate. One of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience is through a corporate video. These kinds of videos show what the audience is missing out by not supporting your business. The videos should show character, wit, benefits, and many other things.

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know what kind of videos their audience wants to see. They produce videos without really understanding what their market expects from them. While different markets have different demands, most agree that these are what they want to see from businesses that they support:

Purposeful Message

Far too many companies produce Tampa video production intended to show their achievements and accomplishments. These are not what your customers want to see. Instead, they want to see what your company can do for them. That is the main purpose of producing a corporate video that your audience can digest. You want them to see what they can benefit from buying your products. You can produce a video as short as 50 seconds and still make it more valuable than a three-minute video brandishing your awards and achievements.


Do you know that the most searched phrase on the search engine is “how to…”? People go to a search engine to search for how-to videos. How to make a cake. How to change a flat tire. How to re-stain wood. The go-to source of learning for at least 60% of web users is video. What does this mean for your company? You should create product tutorials, learning sessions, interviews, and explainers. Produce a video that will solve your audience’s problems.


Your audience want videos that they can consume from anywhere. Think about what your viewers might be doing while watching the video. Produce the video based on how the viewers will consume it. Most of the time, your viewers will only be able to listen and not watch it. That’s why it’s important to have a clear message that shows not only through the visuals but through the talking heads and narrations, too.

And where are these videos going to be watched? More than 50% of videos are being watched on mobile devices. This will change the way you create a Tampa video production.