Covering a live event is very different from the recorded videos. If this is the first time for your Tampa video production company to cover a live event, then you need to remember a few things first. Unlike a recorded event, there is no room for mistake in a live event. You cannot miss a moment. You cannot miss any tiny detail that can change the overall video.

So, what are the things you have to know when covering a live event?

Duration of the Event

How long is the event going to last? You have to make sure you are ready for the length of the event. For example, if your battery can only last for four hours, you need at least three spare batteries if the event will last for more than eight hours. You also have to be cognizant of the time. When will the first battery die out? You have to set up another camera to record the event as you set up your primary camera. This ensures that you won’t miss anything.

Edited Version of the Coverage

Does the client want an edited version of the coverage? That will take at least a few weeks to be ready. If the clients want a same-day edit, you have to charge for that service. Some companies will charge at least $500 more for that. If the edited version will be posted on social media later, make sure that you are going to use a non-copyrighted song or at the very least, you need to buy the rights to the music.

Logos, Titles, and Video Mixing

If the clients are going to use the video for business, they may want you to include a logo and title to the video. The logo will have to appear somewhere in the bottom corner of the video. This will prevent copyright infringement. It will also make the video more professional, so the clients can use it during industry events.

Multi-camera or Single Camera

Are there multiple events happening at the same time? If it is an industry event, it is more likely that you need a multi-camera setup. Even events such as weddings and birthdays often require a multi-camera setup now. Tampa video production companies need to invest in equipment so they are well-equipped to handle bigger events such as conferences and seminars.

Remember these things before you start to accept to cover live events. These events are no small matter because there’s usually a large audience that the client is trying to impress and convince.