Did you stop making a Tampa video production after that corporate video you had made for your website’s homepage? Do you think that introductory video is all you need to attract customers to your business? Sure, the brand introduction video is a great addition to your otherwise boring homepage. But in order for your brand to become a household name in today’s market, you have to be consistent.

And what better way to do that than through vlogs. No, not blogs, though those are great, too. You need a vlog or a video blog. These are basically like how you imagined blogs to be, except they are in video format. Your video content doesn’t have to be Oscar-worthy. It doesn’t even have to be super relevant to what you are selling. Treat the vlog as your way of connecting with your customers and humanizing the organization and everyone behind it.

Many companies have spent so much money on that brand introduction video that they no longer feel the need of having to create a video blog for their websites. But this is where you get it all wrong. Vlogs are great because they are a cost-effective method of establishing your brand’s unique voice. It creates a personable image for your brand; the one that your customers can relate to. This is the kind of image that you want to resonate with your customers or target market.

Easy, Cheap, and Effective

Why wouldn’t you want to create a Tampa video production and vlog for your website? It’s cheap, easy, and effective. This is perhaps the most effective marketing platform you can use for your business. Want to engage your customers? Then, ask a question on your vlog and ask them to answer it in the comments section. Want to inform them of an upcoming sale? Create a vlog to show the products and services that you’re going to put on sale. Want to offer something new? The vlog should showcase what new products you have.

Vlogs are more authentic than the more formal types of corporate videos. These are relatable and easy to make. Even the simple concept of sharing what happened at work can be a form of reaching out to your customers. It is incredibly powerful for organizations to take their customers to a behind-the-scenes tour of their facilities.

Sharing the Tampa video production is also easier now. You can post it on your website and then share the link on your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.