Do you know how difficult it is to get the response you want from your audience? Think about how you react to whatever you watch on social media. What kind of videos has an impact on you? How and why do you respond? When do you share a Tampa video production and when do you not?

One of the many ways you can make people respond to you better is through an interactive video. Thanks to plenty of tools on the internet, you can turn existing videos into interactive ones. You can also create animated videos with interactive features.

So, why should you extend an effort to do so? The answer lies in how you want to know the full impact of your videos. If you want a better way to measure the effect of the videos, you should start making them interactive.

Everyone’s Doing It

Studies showed that this year, more than 21% of businesses are planning to use interactive videos for marketing and training purposes. If you are not part of that 21%, then you are missing out on the opportunity to make your company different from the rest. It is incredibly clear that interactive videos are the way forward. You will be hard-pressed to find a more effective training and marketing material than interactive videos.

Cost-Effective and More Options

You don’t need to create separate videos for your employees, regardless of their positions in the company. Instead, an interactive video can separate sections of the video to address the different positions in your company. This means a supervisor doesn’t need to watch the same thing as those in entry-level positions. At the beginning of the video, you can ask them to choose which option best describes their role in the company. The video can then lead them to the right sections.

Measure Performance

If you use an interactive Tampa video production in your training program, you can better measure how your employees are performing. Their answers to the questions posted in the video can give you a better understanding of who are performing well and who needs more training and guidance.

These benefits will make your business better in terms of providing great support for your employees and giving the best service to your customers. You can try using interactive videos bit by bit in your career development and marketing strategies to give you a feel of why they are the next big thing in the industry.